The residential complex is located on Viilor Street, on a 2500 sqm CF no. 3012 terrain, Top no. 2337 / 4 and on a terrain of 2700 sq.m., CF no. 3013, Top no. 2337/6/1, according to the situational schedule attached to the project no.116/2008 prepared by SC ARHIGRAF SRL Sibiu and to the permit no. 268/20.03.2009 issued by the Sibiu City Hall and it consists of 12 Villas S P 2E of type A and B.



Continuous concrete foundations The resistance structure is made of reinforced concrete pillars, beams and bearing walls.


  • The exterior walls are made of 25 cm thick ceramic brick, over which it's being applied external thermal polystyrene 10 cm thick.
  • Interior bulkheads are made of ceramic brick 12 cm thick.
  • The floor above the 2nd storey is made of wood.
  • Wood framing with roofing made from tiles, gutters, downpipes, of Lindab type.
  • The thermal insulation and the sound insulation of the roof is made of mineralade wool 20 cm thick.


  • 10 cm insulation for exterior walls, plastered and painted with washable external paint and wooden ornaments for the facades.
  • PVC SALAMANDER, five rooms with double glazing LOW E with argon interior and exterior window sills.
  • Decorative wooden facades.
  • The staircase and balconies are fitted with skid tiles and painted metal railing.
  • All the installations (water, sewerage, heating, electrical, etc.) are masked by walls made of brick and concrete floors.


  • The structure 50 years.
  • The masonry 10 years.
  • Insulation and waterproofing 10 years.
  • Framing 10 years.
  • Installations (electric, gas, plumbing and heating) 10 years.
  • Heating 3 years.

NOTE: The warranties for the construction are provided by the General Contractor (CON CASA SRL) and will be submitted by it directly to the final buyer in the moment of purchasing the apartment.